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National Fire Service Day Theme 2023: What You Need to Know

April 14th is observed as National Fire Service Day (also known as “MARTYR’S DAY”) every year in India to tribute those brave firefighters who sacrificed their lives in the line of duty during the fire and massive explosion at Mumbai dockyard on April 14, 1944. The Fire Service Week is observed from 14th April to 20th April , through out the country for fire safety awareness among the public in order to minimize the losses owing to fire.

The History of National Fire Service Day.

As per the recommendation of the Standing Fire Advisory Council (SFAC) which is an apex body constituted by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, the Fire Prevention Week /Fire Service Week has been observed since 1956. SFAC in its eleventh meeting held in the year 1965 recommended to observe 14th April as “Fire Service Day “ to commemorate the memory of the brave firemen who lost their lives during the dock explosion at Mumbai on 14th April, 1944.

On 14th April 1944, a major fire break out in British freighter “SS Fort Stikine” on Victoria dock at Bombay port in which 71 fire fighter lost their lives. The ship, SS fort Stikine  carried a million liters of lubricating oil barrels, ammunition, detonators, cotton bales, currency note, gold, and currencies. The ship was parked at the port on the 12th of April but on 14th April it caught fire. The ship was destroyed by two giant blasts and its debris was spread in the surrounding areas, entire victoria dock was destroyed due to fire & explosion. In this tragedy approx 800 to 1300 people lost their lives.

14th April is observed as “MARTYR’S DAY” to pay homage to those brave firefighters who sacrificed their lives while discharging their duties Click here to see the list of martyrs declared by Directorate General Fire Services, Civil Defence & Home Guards.

National fire service day theme 2023

Theme for 2023 National Fire Service Day is

“Awareness in Fire Safety for Growth of National Infrastructure (AGNI)”

 “ राष्ट्रीय अवसंरचना के विकास के लिए अग्नि सुरक्षा में जागरूकता “

Read the government circular regarding Fire Service Week 2023

Activities and Events to Plan for National Fire Service Day 2023.

Various activities and events can be organized as per the GOI guidelines for imparting fire safety awareness such as

Display the Fire Service day banner: Display the fire service day banner at prominent places inside your offices, plant, institutes, buses, canteens, etc. to spread awareness about the fire day

Homage to martyrs: Remember martyrs on national fire service day, call their family members, and share their stories with everyone so youngsters get inspiration

Pin Flags: Distribute fire service pin flags to everyone for awareness on fire service day

National fire service day messages: Prepare flyers on national fire service day and spread through email, print out to all employees  with messages related to the theme of the year

Host the flag: On the occasion of this day flag hosting can be arranged to feel proud to the firefighters on their services for the nation. After the flag hosting everyone can be invited to take the pledge on fire safety

Organize Fire Mock drill: During the National Fire service week, a fire drill can be arranged to spread awareness related to a fire risk and check emergency preparedness

Training on firefighting: Organize Fire fighting training in which practical and theoretical knowledge related to firefighting is given to participants.

Community Awareness Programs: Arrange fire awareness sessions in schools, colleges, hospitals, public places, etc. to spread awareness among the public

Essay / Slogan /Poster / Quiz competition: Various competitions can be arranged based on this year theme and price may be distributed to the winners

Exhibition of fire equipment: Display all fire equipment used in the plant in one place and explain the use of each instrument to everyone during the exhibition for awareness. Visit our article section to learn more about firefighting equipment and technology.

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