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National Safety Day Theme 2023

In India, National Safety Day is observed every year on 4th March, created in 1971 by the National Safety Council, India to raise awareness about industrial safety and encourage people to work more safely. It has significantly contributed in spreading safety awareness in all sectors. The campaign is comprehensive, general and flexible with an appeal to the participating organisations to develop specific activities as per their safety requirements.

The main objective of National Safety Day is to promote SHE culture in the workplace and incorporate it with the work culture. It uses a participative approach by employers by involving their employees in SHE activities and reminding them of their responsibilities in making their workplaces safer.

National Safety Day is an opportunity for safety professionals and experts to exchange ideas, share best practices, and discuss new and innovative ways to improve workplace safety.

National Safety Day: History

The Ministry of Labour, Government of India set up the National Safety Council of India (NSC) on 4 March 1966, to develop and sustain the movement on SHE that is focusing on safety, Health and Environment at the national level. Basically, NSC is an autonomous body. Therefore, the foundation day of the National Safety Council was decided to observe as National Safety Day in 1972. It was also decided to celebrate it as National Safety Week (NSW) Campaign that will last for one week.

National Safety Day Theme 2023

Every year Govt of India declares theme for celebrating National Safety Day. The theme for 2023 has been derived as

“Our Aim – Zero Harm”

The objective of the National Safety Day 2023 Campaign is to help industries and other organizations to promote Safety, Good Health and well-being and move towards achieving a zero harm status for the organization

If you wish to download NSC circular on National Safety Day theme 2023 please use the link below

NSC Circular on National Safety Day Theme 2023

National Safety Week: What Activities you can plan for this year?

Several activities can be organised depending on the nature of organization you work. Some of the activities include

  • The unfurling of the NSD Flag.
  • Safety Pledge
  • Display of safety banners and posters mentioning the theme of National Safety Week
  • Safety competitions including essay, slogans, posters, quiz, tool box talk etc.
  • Contractor safety awareness programs
  • PPE demonstrations and competitions such as SCBA wearing competition
  • Exhibitions
  • Road shows
  • Training Programs/Workshops/Seminars, etc.
  • Organizing emergency drills
  • Holding award functions
  • Inviting eminent guest speakers
  • Community Awareness Programs
  • Safety film shows

National Safety Day/ Week is an important event in India that helps to raise awareness about the importance of industrial safety and to promote a safe and healthy work environment. By participating in the events and activities organized during this week, workers can learn about the various hazards present in their workplace and how to avoid them, thus reducing the risk of accidents and injuries

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