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For over 30 years, we have been perfecting the foundation of what keeps you safe in hazardous environments- durable, accurate, and reliable gas detectors. As your needs have evolved, so too have our offerings from the first wireless gas detector, to iNet® Gas Detection as a Service, to connected safety solutions that ensure your teams are safe and productive.Our mission is-Preserving human life on, above and below the Earth. Delivering highest quality, best customers service … every transaction, every time.

Why Industrial Scientific?

Founded in 1985, with deep roots in the mining industry, Industrial Scientific has grown to become a world leader in providing gas detection products and services. The company helps to keep thousands of workers safe in hazardous environments across the globe.

While most of our competitors offer a range of workplace safety products, Industrial Scientific is focused on gas detection products, services and connected worker solutions. This focus enables Industrial Scientific to develop innovative and market-leading offerings..

Industrial Scientific’s line of gas monitoring products and services are used in virtually every industry to protect people from exposure to harmful gases. Industrial Scientific has invested in several outside ventures to expand the potential of workplace safety and gas detection products. These investments, and the ongoing innovations of Industrial Scientific, are all in an effort to end work-related deaths by the year 2050

The organizational culture of Industrial Scientific drives how we conduct business. We truly believe that our efforts save lives and that every employee has an understanding of how their work serves a higher purpose. This motivation is a catalyst for innovation and drives the organization toward ensuring that workers return home safely at the end of their work day.

Our Solutions

Purchase or Rental

Selecting the right gas detectors and equipment is a critical part of making sure your teams go home safely to their families. In addition to cost, consider reliability, durability, and usability of the equipment.

Industrial Scientific will not only help you purchase the right gas detectors and supplies, but we also have leasing, rental and certified pre-owned options to help make your decision even easier. Please contact us for additional information on which option will best suit your organizational needs.

Connected Safety

Real-Time analytics to improve safety reduce risk and manage productivity. Ensure your workers make it home after each shift with Industrial Scientific’s connected safety solution. By connecting gas detectors to cloud-based software that offers real-time site analytics and worker status updates, you gain the awareness you need to improve safety, reduce risk, and manage productivity – all while maximizing your return on investment.

Gas Detector Maintenance

Your gas detection and other monitoring equipment require regular maintenance to ensure that it is producing accurate readings. If your equipment is not properly maintained, your workers may be unknowingly exposed to toxic or oxygen-deficient atmospheres, which can lead to injury or even death. Industrial Scientific recommends daily bump testing and monthly calibration of your gas detection equipment. Our docking stations and calibration gas help to ensure that your equipment is functioning within required standards and provide documentation for your records.

Safety Solutions for your Gas Detection Program

  • iNET Now Live  Monitoring

iNet® Now live monitoring software provides real-time text and email alerts for gas hazards, panic, and man-down situations allowing you to see and respond to incidents as they happen. A map helps you to pinpoint the location of workers and instruments.

  • iNET Control Data  Management

iNet® Control is gas detection management software that provides unparalleled visibility into your gas detection program. Now you can easily manage your hazards, people, and equipment from anywhere with one simple dashboard.

  • iNET Exchange Service

iNet® Exchange is a subscription-based service for gas detectors covering repair and replacement. iNet Exchange simplifies operations across your gas detection program, from gas detector availability to cost and ownership, by delivering equipment on demand.

  • SAFER ONE™ Plume Modeling

SAFER ONE is dynamic plume modeling software that gives you the real-time information you need to proactively respond to a chemical release and reduce the risk to your people, plant, and community.

  • INTELEX – ESHQ Management

Web based Environment, Safety and Quality management software
▪ Web and mobile application to simplify ESHQ process
▪ Ensure compliance, Reduce risk and  improve performance
▪ Customizable   reporting   process   and dashboard


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