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Artificial Intelligence Future: How AI is transforming EHS compliance?

What is AI?

While many people are familiar with the term “artificial intelligence”, they may not fully understand what it entails or how it works. Artificial intelligence is a technology that allows computers to act in ways normally associated with human intelligence. It can be used to solve problems, make decisions, and even learn new things. Artificial intelligence has been around for decades, but it wasn’t until recently that it made its way into companies for use in business operations. AI is being implemented into various aspects of businesses including their HR processes, operations departments like manufacturing line monitoring, and finance departments such as forecasting sales numbers based on past performance data.

Artificial intelligence Future : AI application in EHS

There are many ways in which AI can help improve workplace safety.

  • AI can be used to track and analyze data to identify patterns, predict future events, and recommend solutions that could result in fewer injuries or other workplace incidents.
  • AI could be used to create virtual simulations of real-life situations and test new policies before they’re implemented.
  • AI can be used to monitor employees for signs of fatigue or stress, which may lead them to make mistakes at work (for example, by not being able to react quickly enough when an emergency occurs).
  • AI has the potential to automate many of the tasks required to comply with EHS regulations. This can be quite useful in reducing the time and effort that would otherwise be spent on such manual compliance processes, freeing up staff for more important work.
  • AI is also useful for monitoring compliance with safety regulations, including those related to employee training or PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). The AI system can track employees’ progress through their training programs and notify supervisors if they are not completing them as expected. If an employee fails a PPE test, their supervisor will receive immediate notification so they may correct the issue before it becomes an issue.
  • AI will also monitor workplace conditions such as temperature and humidity levels; this allows employers to quickly identify any changes which could put workers at risk of injury or illness. For example, if a worker becomes ill after entering an area where temperatures are too high or low, this allows them to take appropriate action before more employees become sick – whether that means bringing in air conditioning units or turning off equipment causing excessive heat build up inside its chamber.”
EHS Platforms and Solutions using AI

There are many different platforms available in the market that can be used to help manage and support EHS. Let’s take a look at five prominent platforms using artificial intelligence, future ready for application in EHS.

GOARC is a workplace safety platform that uses AI and machine learning to help businesses reduce risk, increase productivity and enhance quality of life at work. GOARC’s AI and ML capabilities connect the dots between connected workers, equipment, Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and other technologies. The safety platform generates a risk model that includes location, time of day, weather, tools and materials.

GOARC’s Health and Safety event management solution improves processes and systems for a safer workplace, improved efficiency, and business flexibility. Featuring integrated AI-driven analytics in a connected worker environment, the solution optimizes operations, safety strategies, and procedures to better manage health, safety, and environment programs, incidents, and case evidence.

GOARC provide solutions in Incident management, Hazard management and Audits. The solution consists of

Incident Management System: that enables in-depth incident investigation, risk assessment, and root cause analysis to generate more effective corrective actions and accurate documentation. Detailed incident reports and documents provide data-driven actionable insights and improve decision-making.

Hazard Management System: featuring data analytics and visualized real-time reports of safety hazards and on-site actions, the system identifies risks, leading indicators and provides dynamic routines with real-time insights for effective risk assessment based on probability and severity of hazards..

Audit Management solution: Featuring advanced AI-enabled data analysis tools, the solution delivers visualized detailed data related to audits and inspections and reporting and benchmarking across departments, divisions, companies, or safety topics.

Intense Eye is a complete EHS platform powered by cutting edge AI. It helps to identify unsafe acts and conditions instantly using existing cameras within the facilities. The facilities are monitored 24/7, and Intenseye notifies the EHS teams about the unsafe acts and conditions in their facilities, enabling them to take required precautions to eliminate the risks and hazards.

Intenseye works with industries where there is a high risk of injury that are currently including mining, textile & apparel, food & beverage, warehouses, retail, electricity, oil & gas, automotive parts, motor vehicles, chemicals & related products to name a few.

A variety of Core AI features can be activated to detect unsafe acts and conditions in your workplace such as

The PPE detection model can be used to ensure a safe working environment by detecting the use of Helmet, Glove, Apron, Sleeve, Respiratory Protective Equipment, Reflective Vest, and Glasses.

The Area Controls model can be used to ensure working areas in your facility are always safe with various EHS scenarios such as establishing worker minimum and maximums, preventing workers from entering restricted areas, and minimizing occupational exposures through time limits.

The Housekeeping model can be used to reduce the risks of slips, trips, falls and collisions by ensuring that vehicle paths and pedestrian walkways in your facility are always clear and safe.

The Vehicle Controls model can be used to manage your workplace traffic safety by ensuring the safe operation of vehicles at your workplace.

The Behavioral Safety model can be used to avoid the line of fire injuries such as pedestrians in vehicle paths, nonuse of handrails, and the violations of working at heights.

The Pandemic Control Measures model can be used to prevent contagious diseases by ensuring social distancing as well as proper mask use.

Intenseye implementation becomes a force multiplier for safety professionals by accurately gathering data and compiling it into a useable dashboard. The data collected by intenseye allows for targeted safety initiatives in the areas that matter most and contribute for increased business uptime. The Emergency Alerts can be used to get immediate notifications in situations such as when a worker falls on the ground or there is a fire-related emergency.

HGS is a global firm that combines automation, analytics, and artificial intelligence with high quality talent and deep domain expertise to achieve superior outcomes in the areas of digital customer experience, back-office processing, contact canters, and HRO solutions.

It’s all about taking a holistic approach to workplace safety that combines IoT and AI with trained Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts to detect and prevent workplace hazards and take real-time action to significantly improve safety.


Mirrag AI is a powerful AI-powered EHS and Quality Management Platform that allows organizations to manage workplace safety, health, and quality compliances seamlessly. Using CCTV camera feeds, Mirrag’s detection system can identify different violations related to safety and health risks. It generates notifications and sends alerts to concerned authorities to warn about it and to take appropriate action. Users can register their email/mobile number to receive the notifications via the admin panel. Users can also choose the notification frequency, for e.g., a site supervisor can enrol to get notified every hour while the admin head can select to receive an email at the end of the day to get the violation notifications.

Mirrag’s model is compatible with 95% of the CCTV cameras on the market today and enables integration of existing CCTV with their solutions seamlessly in order to achieve maximum results from your investments in safety and quality management practices.

CronJ AI is a workplace safety solution that helps you monitor your employees’ work environment for potential risks. It integrates seamlessly with existing cameras, so you can view live video and receive notifications about any incidents in real time. CronJ AI’s web and mobile applications provide easy access to all your data, so you can keep track of trends and make informed decisions on the spot.

It also provides simplified data visualizations through dash board and a live feed through dedicated mobile application

With CronJ AI, you’ll be able to:

  • Monitor intrusion around machinery
  • Compliance with PPE protocols
  • COVID safety compliance
  • Transport monitoring
  • Toll booth safety
  • Illegal parking
  • Smoke detection

AI is a powerful tool which can be used to make our lives easier. It has been shown that AI can be applied to many industries small or big. There are many benefits when it comes to using AI in these areas; however, there are also some limitations we need to consider when deciding whether or not it’s right for us.

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