Supremex Water Mist Trolley Fire Extinguisher

Stay prepared for fire emergencies with a Water Mist Trolley Fire Extinguisher. These portable units offer versatile and efficient fire suppression, using ultra-fine water mist to tackle flames. Ideal for industrial settings and large spaces, ensure safety and peace of mind with this powerful and mobile firefighting solution.


  • Supremex Water Mist Trolley Fire Extinguisher is ideal for Industries for use in critical locations such as hot pumps handling fluids above auto ignition.
  • Highly sophisticated Nozzle and Trolley
  • Also available with option of using a special gun for the electric fire.
  • Ideal choice for modernizing the firefighting systems.


Supremex Water Mist Trolley Fire Extinguisher is used for Class A/B/C fires/Quick suppression in hydrocarbon spillage / for fire fighting at critical locations like column bottom pumps at CDU, VDU, Coker, FCCU & HCU units, any other high temperature column, exchangers etc.

Specification Overview:
Model No.


Filling Capacity

50 L

Water Cylinder Material of Construction

Stainless Steel

Compressed Air Cylinder

Carbon Steel 6 L x 300 Bar,9 L x 200 Bar

Working Pressure

7-8 Bar

Lancing Distance

7-8 Bar

60 Degree Spry Mode Jet Mode

12-15 Mtr

Flow Rate

0.4 l/Sec

Operating Time in Full Throttle

125 Seconds

Weight of Extinguisher Gun

2 Kg

Class A


Class B

Type 2B

Length of Hose

5 Mtr

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