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75 Catchy Fire Safety Slogans for Awareness Campaigns

Fire safety is something that every individual needs to take into account. When it comes to fire safety, it’s important to learn a few catchy fire safety slogans to help remind people of the dangers posed by fires and what they can do to stay safe.  Though fire safety slogans have been used in combination with other elements like public service ads or public awareness materials, they are intended to be used on their own to promote fire safety. Most of the fire safety slogans that have been developed over the years have focused on making fire related issues interesting to kids and adults. These help people remember the message that is being promoted because they are not directly related to fires and tragedies but deal with something much more for a social cause

The following list of fire safety slogans have been used in awareness campaigns in the past and serve as an inspiration to those promoting fire safety.

  1. Answer the “Burning question with Fire prevention
  2. A Burning House is a Burning Shame
  3. Fire waste can never be replaced
  4. Do your part and fire won’t start
  5. Fire feeds on careless deeds
  6. Let’s “Blaze the way ” to keep the blaze away
  7. The little fire you leave may leave you little
  8. Fear fire and prevent it
  9. Fire is an upstart; Keep in its place
  10. What fire destroys never returns
  11. Abolish hazards and you abolish flames
  12. Remember the ember
  13. Fire is a menace kill it with care
  14. Fires are rare when care is there
  15. Fire prevention is self-protection
  16. A match may be down but not out
  17. Fire is a glutton. Help starve it
  18. A careless smoker is a fire provoker
  19. Patriotic people practice fire prevention
  20. Why work and save to burn
  21. Sowing matches – Reaping ashes
  22. Prevention takes the ire out of fire
  23. A dead campfire means a live forest
  24. Safety ever, fires never
  25. Fire sweeps where carelessness creeps
  26. Guard the match from rat and mouse and save a barn, a store, a house
  27. There must be no pacifists in the war against fire
  28. Park your matches in a safety zone
  29. Fire prevention is the difference between care more and carelessness
  30. Check your fires and save your cheques
  31. Where children are taught, fires will be naught
  32. When flames go up, Nations go down.
  33. Better a dead coal than a dead loss
  34. The time to put out a fire is before you drop the match
  35. Fires are made by fools like me, but only God can make a tree
  36. Guarded lights mean guarded lives
  37. Suspect and inspect, but do not neglect
  38. Prevent fire by firing CARELESSNESS
  39. Haphazard is off times a fire hazard
  40. Careless hands are firebrands.
  41. Don’t make light of the match
  42. Fire is a slow starter but a good finisher, beat it at the start.
  43. Fire fire first before fire fires you
  44. Preventing a fire in time may save your home or may be mine
  45. When men strike they go out, but matches don’t.
  46. Cigarettes are irresponsible, do not let them go out alone.
  47. Remember fireproof does not mean foolproof.
  48. Precaution is the master of fire.
  49. Don’t blame the match, you should have used your head.
  50. Watch the sparks, they are the children of destruction.
  51. Pour oil on troubled waters but never on your fire.
  52. An inch of flue repairs is worth a mile of fire hose.
  53. Be a hero, not a Nero.
  54. A match snuffed out puts fire to rout.
  55. The end of a perfect cigarette may start a conflagration.
  56. Fire is a welcome visitor but always see it out.
  57. When your match “goes out”, make sure that it cant “come back”.
  58. The fire thief cannot pick a prevention lock.
  59. Use caution – it beats blazes.
  60. Prevention is a “stitch in time which saves 9999”
  61. Electric irons may be sad irons if you don’t watch out.
  62. Spy for sparks.
  63. In every fire there is an I that might have prevented it.
  64. Prevent fires by watching yours.
  65. Has a match a brighter head than yours?
  66. Fire, faithful friend, fearful foe.
  67. One man’s fire may bankrupt fifty.
  68. Say it with safety and save the flowers.
  69. Don’t flirt with fire.
  70. Gasoline develops horsepower – use horse sense in handling it.
  71. Help blaze the way to a blazeless day – banish fire hazards.
  72. Fire – its cure is costly its prevention cheap.
  73. Poke the fire, don’t oil it.
  74. Preventing fires, the year around reduces the fire loss in your town.
  75. Play with fire and fire will get you.

Few interesting couplets and tercet on Fire Safety

  • Use soap and water to get things clean, It is safer and cheaper than Gasoline.
  • Be careful of your wires,Watch your chimney too,You have seen disastrous fires, Why let it happen to you.
  • Just go ahead and set the world on fire if you can but use brains instead of matches.
  • A match is a useful and wonderful tool, Not a plaything designed for a child or fool.
  • Some are fire wise, Some are other wise, What are you?
  • Make a little use of your thinking apparatus and You will have little use of your fire apparatus.
  • Matches, like gossips are very ill bred, What they stir up is sure to spread.
  • Picnic fires are lots of fun, But put them out when you are done.
  • Fire controlled is friend indeed, Uncontrolled, a terrible friend.
  • Smoker, be careful where you throw those stubs, And don’t be classed with the arson dubs.
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