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Best 5 Safety Shoes for Men Under Rs. 2000

Safety shoes are an essential component of personal protective equipment, especially for individuals working in industries or environments where foot injuries are a common risk. Finding reliable safety shoes that not only provide protection but also fit into a budget can be a challenging task. In this article, we will explore the best 5 safety shoes for men priced under Rs. 2000, ensuring both safety and affordability.

Delta plus Jumper

Front side view of JUMPER3 S1P SRC Safety Shoe

Functional and elegant, the Delta Plus Jumper safety shoe has a pigmented split leather upper with a lightweight polyamide mesh lining. It has a dual-density PU outsole that’s injection molded for higher strength, lower weight and better flexibility as well as extra penetration protection. The high-grade removable polyester on EVA insole provides shock absorption and comfort. The Deltaplus Jumper Shoe is your trusted choice, certified to meet both EN (European) and BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) standards. Remarkably lightweight, these shoes weigh as little as 598 grams, ensuring comfort without compromising on safety. To learn more about Jumper shoes click here.

Liberty Warrior

High ankle Liberty Warrior Safety Shoes

With a robust design and steel toe cap, Liberty Warrior Safety Shoes offers excellent protection against impact and compression. The shoes feature a genuine leather upper and  slip-resistant PU double density outsole, making them suitable for various work environments. Padded collar and tongue provide extra comfort during long working hours.

Zain Safety Boston shoes

Boston Slip on Safety Shoe

A sophisticated and chic slip-on safety shoe, Boston is designed for both elegance and functionality. This safety shoe boasts a Composite toe cap, ensuring its suitability for use in electrical environments. The upper is meticulously crafted from premium Buff crazy brown leather, measuring 1.8-2 mm in thickness, providing both durability and a touch of style. The outsole, made of PU-injected single density, delivers reliable performance. Notably, this safety shoe stands out as the most economical choice among the best safety shoe for men in electrical safety footwear category. To learn more and enquire click here.

Jama Atlanta Safety Shoes

Atlanta safety shoes

Its distinctive Brown Oil Pull-Up color and Genuine Leather upper not only provide durability but also a stylish appearance. Crafted with precision, the shoe features a Double Density Polyurethane (PU) construction, earning it an S1 rating for superior safety. Designed to withstand various workplace hazards, it is Oil & Fuel Resistant, Slip Resistant, and Heat Resistant up to 120°Celsius. The Anti Static properties add an extra layer of safety. Jama Safety Shoe is CE Certified, meeting EN ISO 20345:2011 and certified to IS 15298:2016.

Delta plus Miami Safety Shoe

Side view of black color Miami Slip-on Safety Shoe

Miami emerges as the shining star in the realm of Slip-On safety shoes, offering unparalleled convenience and protection. With machine wash capability up to 30 degrees Celsius, these shoes are incredibly easy to maintain. The Miami Slip-On safety shoes boast a water-resistant Microfiber/PU upper, ensuring durability and protection in various work environments. The injected single-density PU sole provides a sturdy foundation, while the removable premolded polyester on EVA insock adds an extra layer of comfort.

Miami shoes are engineered for diverse workplaces, featuring oil and acid resistance as well as exceptional slip resistance. Antistatic properties further enhance the safety measures in place. Available in Black and White, the Miami Slip-On safety shoes not only prioritize safety but also offer a touch of style. They are certified to meet EN ISO 20345 standards and carry the CE mark, ensuring compliance with rigorous safety requirements. Click here to know more or to buy online.

Choosing the right safety shoes is crucial for the well-being of individuals working in industries with potential foot hazards. The mentioned safety shoes under Rs. 2000 combine affordability with quality, ensuring that workers can prioritize safety without breaking the bank. It’s essential to consider factors such as comfort, durability, and compliance with safety standards when selecting the ideal safety shoe for your needs. Always prioritize your safety and well-being in the workplace by investing in reliable and affordable safety footwear.

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