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LOTO MSP is a user-friendly, cloud-based lockout tagout safety software that helps reduce downtime, improve workplace safety and streamline HSE compliance. It Empowers you to easily create & manage digital, graphical machine specific procedures at work.

Lockout Tagout has been a consistent part of OSHA’s Top 10 list for the past two decades and is among the most expensive citations. E-Square brings together a complete set of expertise and technology to help you build a proactive safety culture that ensures employee safety, reduces risk and meets regulatory compliance.

LOTO MSP Safety Software eases your compliance burden and empowers you to easily create top-class OSHA and ANSI compliant graphical lockout tagout procedures in this digital age.


What is Lockout Tagout (LOTO)?

Workers who service industrial machinery and equipment face unique hazards due to close contact with equipment, frequently working in dangerous zones beyond machine guards. Machine-related injuries or fatalities can occur during maintenance and servicing tasks when workers are exposed to an uncontrolled release of energy or during unexpected equipment start-up.

Lockout Tagout refers to the placement of locks and/or tags on an energy isolating device(s) in accordance with established procedures to ensure that the machinery, equipment or process cannot be started while anyone is exposed.



LOTO MSP – Consistent & Quality Procedures for Today and Tomorrow

E-Square’s LOTO MSP Safety software empowers you to digitize your machine-specific Lockout Tagout procedures and provide your workers with reliable and updated information to safely control hazardous energy during servicing and maintaining routines at one centralised cloud location. In addition, employees will have complete accessibility to clear and standardised instructions at all times.

LOTO MSP is a feature-rich safety software that offers a database of templates, graphics, instructions, and information that allow you to quickly create and implement OSHA compliant energy control procedures at your site.

It provides actionable insights to enhance operational efficiency and facilitates stronger governance, performance and accountability. It helps ensure your lockout procedures are integrated, complete, consistent, updated and validated by competent persons.


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Top Benefits

Save Money

With the support of advanced technology, we can now create LOTO procedures at one-third (1/3) the cost of a manual procedure.

Safer Workplace

Easily create, store and communicate accurate and transparent instructions to worker with standardised procedures.

Ensure Legal Compliance

Create OSHA & ANSI compliant procedures. Eliminate the costs of non-compliance, including penalties and reputational damage.

Virtual Filing Cabinet

LOTO procedures are stored in a central and secure cloud-based system that’s easily accessible for employees.

Maximise Time Efficiency

Save time in different stages of lockout management. Increase operational intelligence with quality and consistent procedures.

Audit Management

Consistently track the reliability of each procedure with annual audit date stamps at the bottom of each procedure.

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