PRO/PAK Multipurpose Foam System


  • PRO/PAK METRIC 2.5″ BICM is a Portable Multi-Purpose Foam System ideal for rapid vapor suppression
  • Can be attached easily at the end of fire hose
  • It can be used with 1%, 3% and 6 % AFFF Class B foam and AR AFFF foam of 3 & 6 %
  • Capable of producing foam blanket within 60 seconds
  • The PRO/pak has a high impact 9.5 litre foam reservoir with a built-in eductor


With three different quick connect nozzles included, the PRO/PAK foam system is capable of producing low or medium expansion finished foam, while operating at low inlet pressures

  • Straight Stream Nozzle – For Class A foam solutions with negligible foam expansion. It should be used where maximum reach or penetration is desired (Reach 15 m @ 6.8 bar)
  • Low Expansion Nozzle – Can be used with either Class A or B foam solutions (Reach 11 m @ 6.8 bar)
  • Medium Expansion Nozzle – Produces the greatest expansion ratios (Reach 3 m @ 6.8 bar)
  • Piercing Nozzle – For use with Class A foam solutions in deep-seated fires with negligible foam expansion. It can be used where an application of solution is needed but the location is inaccessible
Specification Overview:
Model No

UM 45 – BIC

Tank Capacity (to bottom of fill port)

9.5 Ltrs

Nominal Flow (all nozzles)

45 l/min @ 7.0 bar

Weight Empty

5.2 Kg

Weight Full

13.6 Kg

Length x Width x Height

345 mm x 275 mm x 430 mm

Operating Pressure Max/Min

40/3 bar

Straight Stream Nozzle Reach

15 mtrs @ 7.0 bar

Low Expansion Nozzle Reach

11 mtrs @ 7.0 bar

Medium Expansion Nozzle Reach

3 mtrs @ 7.0 bar

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