7 -January- 2023

SomaSleep mask offers a new way to track sleep disorders

Nanotechnology company Somalytics unveiled its new SomaSleep sleep mask at CES 2023 in Las Vegas. The SomaSleep device presents a new way to monitor sleep disorders at home with its ability to track eye movements to help consumers better understand their sleep stages, quality, and disruptions.

Using small capacitive sensors inside a lightweight sleep mask, Soma Sleep tracks your eye movements (including REM or rapid eye movements) and delivers data on your sleeping patterns and general sleep quality. These insights can help you detect possible sleep disorders and promote a greater awareness of your sleep quality, which plays an important role in mental and physical health. 

How SomaSleep Works?

Somalytics developed what it calls SomaCap, a lightweight, wearable sleep mask containing carbon-nanotube paper composite capacitive sensors can monitor eye movement during sleep or wake periods, including rapid eye movement. Previously, this feat could only be accomplished during a visit to a sleep center. With the introduction of SomaSleep, people will be able to access this information from the palm of their hands and in the comfort of their own homes. 

The SomaSleep device has enough battery life to operate for up to eight hours. Also, it has relatively low power consumption, meaning that the mask will stay cool as it is being used. The data from the mask can be integrated into fitness tracking apps and will also be available through the SomaSleep mobile app

In addition to eye tracking, Somalytics plans to use its sensors for different applications such as HMI (human-machine interaction) technology, wearables, and industrial safety. 

According to Somalytics, SomaSleep will be available for purchase by December 2023 for $199. 


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