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Rescue is a technical activity rendered by a group of specially trained personnel, who carryout rescue and attend casualties under adverse conditions, where life is at threat. It requires high level of competency and training which is often difficult to accomplish through inhouse emergency response teams. Also, technical rescue gears to accomplish the job are often not available inhouse. Hence it is wise and economical to outsource rescue services and equipment’s from a competent agency during critical jobs and major shutdown. 

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Leader in Maintenance Shutdown Standby Rescue Service

PENTASAFE is continually training our staff for all types of industrial rescue situations ensuring that we stay up to date with the latest equipment, procedures and techniques.

Our rescue system is pre rigged, in place and ready to go if a worker happens to have a fall and is suspended in their harness. A fast rescue is the core focus of our business, ensuring no further injuries will be sustained due to suspension trauma. We are a proactive rescue team who constantly monitor the site, looking after your workers and maintaining high safety standards for the entire project.

PENTASAFE has all the latest Climb, Access and Rescue equipment which allow us to create anchor points for any type of difficult access area.

We also do

  • Safety Supervision
  • Confined Space Monitoring
  • Rental Equipment Services
  • Structural Inspection and Reports

Safety Supervision

Are you looking for trained and experienced safety personnel, where and when you need them? Our safety professionals not only have many years of experience, they also possess a wealth of knowledge. Regular training courses provide all our employees with broad knowledge of the latest legislation and technology and in addition, they study your operational and safety-related arrangements before they start working with you.

We ensure that only the highest calibre of Specialized Safety Personnel is assigned to your projects.

  • Checking and ensuring compliance with safety regulations
  • Continuous supervision of a zone
  • Evaluating the work environment prior to the start of the works
  • Acting on violations
  • Reporting to management

Confined Space Monitoring

When lives are on the line and every second counts, Pentasafe expertly trained, focused teams are ready to react within the required four to six minutes that are mandated for entry into the confined space. To be successful in achieving the objective of rescuing entrants, Pentasafe Group teams conduct a practice rescue operation on each shift at all job sites.

If a confined space rescue is necessary, Pentasafe Group personnel will conduct the following activities:

  • Enter confined space following OSHA 1910.146
  • Complete air quality control activities (including air quality evaluation, ventilation, use of
  • IDLH respirators for both rescuers and entrants
  • Determine if the rescue is Non IDLH or IDLH in nature
  • Patient package and remove entrants
  • Begin EMS care and summon appropriate outside fire/rescue services

Rental Equipment Services

Many industries require specialized equipment to assist with their safe operations. While some of this equipment should be onsite at all times, much of it can be used on a rental basis. PENTASAF has in their collection most modern rescue gears and fall protection solutions to assist all your training needs as our  material Supply Division (Life Gear) is one of the largest stockiest for rescue gears in the country,



Expert Experience: With over 20+ years in professional rescue, Pentasafe is second to none when it comes to understanding the unique challenges of all types of technical rescue. From our Emergency Standby Technicians and Instructors to our Consultants and Equipment Sales Team, you’ll be working with highly qualified professionals who have in depth and expert experience, as well as your best interests in mind.

Customization: At PENTASAFE, we custom tailor all of our services to specifically match the exact risks and needs of your business. Whether big or small, local or abroad, we give you the best team, training, and equipment for your unique challenges.

Professionalism: We never take our eye off the ultimate goal: the safety of you and your team.  At PENTASAFE, we work tirelessly to get you exactly what you need, when you need it, wherever you are. We bring you the best people using the best gear to give you a professional, dependable, and cost effective solution to your technical and emergency rescue needs.

Commitment: We know that our job is never done until all of yours are. With PENTASAFE, You can be certain that expert help is always ready and available for you.

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