14 -February- 2022

Two times more probability of losing fingers on a power press machine: SII report

According to annual report titled “Crushed 2021” of Safe In India (SII) Foundation, over 50% of reported injuries among auto-sector workers in India occur on power press machines and there is 2 times more probability of losing fingers on a power press machine when compared to other machines. The report is based on the data of around 2,500 workers who suffered non-fatal injuries in factories in Faridabad-Gurugram-Neemrana auto belt. Almost 80% of them were employed in the supply chains of some of the largest auto-sector brands.

Around three-fourth of the auto-sector workers who sustained injuries over the past five years have lost almost two fingers on an average to crush injuries. Reports also finds that majority of the workers injured on power presses were inadequately trained and have low education levels. Young and old workers lose fingers equally on power presses which is against the common hypothesis that older workers have higher experience and are less injury-prone.

“88% of the injuries occurred on power press machine that did not have any safety sensors, as stated by the injured workers, in violation of Sections 7A, 7B and 24 of The Factories Act, 1948. In most cases, other required PPE was also missing.” said the report

The report claimed the government data had grossly under-reported factory injuries, inspections had come down and the new Labour Occupational Safety, Health And Working Conditions Code might make matters worse. The 78-page report also made certain recommendations and suggestions to the OEMs, auto companies associations and the Central and State governments to reduce the accidents.

SII is a community service organisation that was founded by a group of alumni of IIMA in 2016. It was set up in response to shocking evidence on crush injuries in the factories and workshops of Manesar, the automobile manufacturing hub of India. Currently, SII is being advised by a prominent council of advisors to forward its mission of industrial workplace safety and improvement in ESIC.

Full report can be downloaded here

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