VENUS V-900 HFM-Silicon Respirator


  • These products have been tested to the relevant ISI standards · V-900 half face respirator to IS 14746 · V-7900 gas filters to IS 15323 · V-7900 particulate filter to IS 15322
  • Durable, reusable, low maintenance half face respirator
  • Soft, lightweight  Silicone material reduces pressure / tension on face for added comfort during long periods of work
  • Transparent Staycool butterfly exhalation valve ensures easier breathing while reducing heat and moisture build up for enhanced comfort
  • Dual filters design provides lower breathing resistance, a more ergonomic balance fit and improves field of vision
  • Provides more peripheral view, does not hinder while working and makes the use more convenient
  •  Twist and Click technology system provides effortless fitting of filters
  •  4 point unique adjustable harness design helps reduce tension & pressure points on face for good fitting & comfort


V-900 series of respirators can be used with a variety of filter options such as Gas & Vapour Filters, Particulate Filters and Combination of Gas & Vapour Particulate filters. Check the attached brochure for  various filter options.

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