Rosenbauer B16
High Performance PPV Fan


  • The most compact and lightest in their class
  • Multifunctional use : both water mist and expansion foam can be produced
  • The patented PPV fan control unit minimizes turbulence and the aerodynamically designed fan wheel ensures an even, powerful air flow with optimum flow pattern
  • A sophisticated LED system ensures safe operation of the fan
  • 40° adjustment angle ,suitable for every scenario
  • Excellent handling: Can be moved, put into operation, and controlled by a single person and can even be carried effortlessly over stairs
  •  Compact and light: Smallest fan in the 16″ class battery-powered fan. Its minimal footprint leaves more space in the vehicle for equipment
  • Integrated fault indicator
  • Central water spray unit: The fire hose can be connected directly to the fan via a Storz C-connection, through which the fan is supplied with water, thus discharging a water mist. Throw range of up to 20 m, Flow rate approx. 200 lpm @5 bar
  • Use as foam generator: Expansion foam can be produced by using a supplemental standard Z2 proportioner
  • Powerful battery: The lithium-ion battery of the RTE AX B16 is extremely efficient and a lasting energy supplier. The battery delivers 953 watt hours, which corresponds to continuous operation for 60 min at full power
  • Two operating modes: RTE AX B16 can be powered by a rechargeable battery or via the power grid


PPV fan and water mist cum foam generator ideal for all fire fighting conditions. Due to the high throw range of the water mist, buildings, gas cylinders, hazardous goods containers, batteries, etc. can be cooled and protected from a safe distance. Effective suppression of dangerous gases and steam is also possible using the water mist. In addition, the fan performs as an expansion foam generator.

Specification Overview:
Motor output/battery capacity

1.25 kw /26.1 Ah

Air outlet diameter

Approx.16’’/410 mm

Air flow rate according to ISO 5801

5154 m3/h

Thrust according to ISO 13350

21.6 N


520 x 600 x 355 mm (W x H x D)

Battery operation running time at 100 %

60 min

Battery operation running time BOOST

30 min


Approx. 25 kg

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