19 -February- 2022

NEC develops new Smart Mask for firefighters

Japanese electronics maker NEC has developed high-tech equipment to help firefighters navigate smoke-filled rooms. The firm and its partners have created a mask that can see in the dark and display crucial information.

NEC says the so-called 'smart mask' is equipped with an infrared camera. It can help firefighters find their way and locate people waiting to be rescued, even in extreme conditions.

The use of small displays near the eyes also allows the firefighter to see the amount of oxygen left in their tanks. This will allow firefighters to make better-informed decisions on how much longer they can safely look for survivors and provide oxygen to survivors. Furthermore, the mask integrates radio communications that share data with commanders so that they can communicate and check on each firefighter's condition and warn them of potential dangers that they may have not seen.

NEC's Fukukawa Masatoshi says, "Every second counts during a fire. The mask will help firefighters see in the dark, which could significantly shorten the amount of time they need to be in a dangerous situation."

NEC hopes to put the system into practical use by early 2023.

Courtesy: NHK World Japan


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